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MYHEAT provides an efficient underfloor
heating solution whatever your requirements.

Why choose radiant underfloor heating?

Radiant underfloor heating utilises infrared heat. This is more efficient and hygienic than conventional central heating.
While traditional radiators heat the air in the room, radiant heat seeks out the coldest objects in the room and then heats them. This means it does not rely on air circulation, as used in traditional central heating. This cuts down on temperature differentials in the room, as well as the circulation of dust and allergens.

Electric underfloor heating is also very cost effective to run. There are no moving parts to the system, so maintenance costs are non-existent.
The highly efficient heating method used by radiant underfloor heating means a typical electric underfloor heating system costs around 7p per square meter to run a day.

Radiant underfloor heating systems also provide invisible heat. There is no need for unsightly radiators, freeing up floor space in your home.

Why choose MyHeat?

MyHeat design and manufacture a range of radiant underfloor heating products, along with mirror demister pads. We also supply all the accessories you will need such as thermostats and insulation.

Our electric underfloor heating products are available exclusively through Denmans with branches available all over the UK.

At MyHeat, we will support you with no obligation quotes, free technical advice and a life-time guarantee on many products.
If you are looking for top quality radiant underfloor heating, MyHeat is the manufacturer to choose.

Where to get MyHeat products

MyHeat electric underfloor heating products are sold exclusively through Denmans.

Simply pop into your nearest branch and we will be able to provide a quote or design for your system. Delivery is normally next working day providing we receive your order before 1pm.

For low-cost, high-quality radiant underfloor heating, MyHeat is the way to go.