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Mirror Demisters



Mirror Demisters


MYHEAT Mirror Demister pads are a simple solution to a misted up mirror.

With a MYHEAT Mirror Demister installed behind your mirror and connected to the bathroom lighting circuit you can view a clear mirror when the bathroom is full of steam.

MYHEAT Mirror Demister pads will fit on most types of mirror. Self-adhesive backing to the heater pad sticks directly to the mirror. On large mirrors several mirror demisters can be combined to cover a larger area.

Connect to the existing room light circuit so that the heater pad operates automatically when the light is switched on. The circuit must be protected via a 30mA RCD and it is recommended that the installation is completed by a suitably qualified electrician.
 MH1306 252 x 274 15
 MH1307 274 x 574 25
 MH1308 519 x 524 50
 MH1309 524 x 1004 100
- Semi-conductive carbon film within a laminated
- Polyester film as heated pads of size shown.
- Operating voltage 230 / 240 V: 50Hz
- Output rating 200 W / m2
- 1 metre long connection lead
- Double insulated to Class 2 construction
- CE marked
- Comply with all relevant technical standards

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